As mounted to the need to dismantle the engine oil pump without the injection pump?

Hello Richard, thank you for your help in assembling the engine. To be sure that I have your notes correctly understood, I would like to make it intelligible in a few pictures. It would be great if you're helping me again.

Image 5.2

It looks as if a rubber seal has dissolved. Is that ok?

Image 5.1

Change 20 and 21

Marking on the flywheel is in line with the housing agreement.

Camshaft cylinder 1 is on compression, cams are down.

Here you can see the engine oil pressure pump  (installed).


The point looks near 45° towards cylinder 4.


When is released, what position must have the injection pump, the oil pump is mounted point to point.

After the injection pump has been put into the teeth (point to point), it is set and fixed via the elongated holes.